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Circle is a brand and design consultancy that brings a fresh perspective to brands.

We’re an agile group of creative thinkers, organisers, designers and writers, based in London but operating internationally (with a particular specialism in the Middle East).

For a mid-sized firm, we pack a major punch, applying strong brand thinking and smart design to deliver large integrated projects and an engaging, consistent brand experience. At the same time we keep things tight and personal – so you’ll work closely with the same hands-on team all the way through. We believe it’s the best way to get outstanding results.

Our blend of informed originality means we don’t think in tramlines, but while we’re after a strong impact, we also make sure it feels right for you. We get under the skin of your organisation to understand your brand, your marketplace and your ambition – essential if we’re to create solutions that make a real difference to your performance.

You’ll find us flexible, down to earth and pragmatic – though we’re not afraid to challenge you when it matters. If we don’t believe something is right, we’ll say so. Then we’ll work with you until we both think it’s brilliant.

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