Wyboston canopy

Mark Carsley of Carsley Group recently came to Circle with a simple brief for their retail site at Wyboston on the A1: "Create an eye-catching design for the two canopies with the simple idea is that people will be able to remember the site as being the one with ??????? canopy!"

Having a blank canvas and an enlightened client wanting to offer customers something different from flat canopy norm we created a number of alternative designs that aimed to catch drivers attention from a distance. We offered solutions that modulate the height and elevational profile of the roof structure in order to create that 'stopping power' that is often lost with a flat canopy from a distance. We are pleased that the concept is now going through planning and due for construction in 2013.

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Presentations that win hearts & minds

Circle have helped leading architects Chetwoods to create stand out presentations designed to showcase the practice's collaborative charrette process and award-winning work for clients such as Gazeley and Sainsbury's.

More than just a slick looking credentials presentation, the dramatic multimedia presentations bring to life past projects that engage the hearts and minds of prospective clients.

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Winning customer loyalty

Circle Chairman, Robert Onion will be a guest speaker at the ERPEC international downstream retail conference in Barcelona on Tuesday 10 May.

From retailing innovations to attracting ever more discerning customers, the presentation will suggest strategies for 'winning customer loyalty' and describe 5 ideas for shaping the future of forecourt retailing.

Please contact Robert on if you would like to receive a copy of the presentation or to find out more.

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Ask the Expert - How do I build a brand?

Circle Creative Director, Neil Giles, is this month's featured expert for Big Hospitality. Each month Big Hospitality places members of the UK hospitality industry in touch with various experts to help them with their business conundrums.

As experts in developing retail brands Circle were posed the question of “I run a neighbourhood restaurant and have just opened a second in a nearby commuter town. I’m considering developing a brand as I’d like to have a third site in the future but money is limited and I don’t know where to start. Can you help?”

Neil’s answer was straight forward, simple and covered the areas of: Be holistic; Know your market space; You don't own your brand, your customers do; Cookie-cutter or customised and Get external help.

To read Neil’s answer in full visit

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It's good to be good

Circle Managing Director, Claire Livesey, was invited this month to join a DBA (Design Business Association) panel of leading UK agencies to discuss the implications of sustaiablity for businesses. Here were her thoughts...

Brands are increasingly being called to account for their ethics and their carbon footprint, especially for fuel and convenience retailing; a global industry where – with a few notable exceptions – sustainable thinking has barely got off the ground.

The reason may well stem from the nature of the industry: fossil fuels are bad for the environment, therefore there’s no point in trying to make a difference. But this blinkered view ignores rapid developments both in the economics of sustainability and in the global brand landscape. Put simply, ‘being good’ not only looks good for your brand, it can also do serious good to your bottom line.

Circle has been advising energy companies on integrating sustainability into their operations for many years, for example, developing solar-powered petrol stations or helping organisations to launch alternative fuels. This reflects a bigger initiative to market the consultancy to the energy sector and to highlight the breadth of experience Circle has in this sector – from internal brand building to brand management for more than 20 energy companies in 12 different countries. A new energy-focused website supports these activities

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