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The Emarat story

As brand and design consultants specialising in the fuel retail sector we are often asked for evidence that branding and design makes a difference to the bottom line, and so I thought it would be worth sharing our experience of a client that we have been working with for nearly 20 years who have embraced the idea of brand and service at the heart of their business. Their strategic offer has evolved over that time to meet the needs of the market and their offer has become ‘more than just fuel’.

We are now surrounded and saturated by brands, brands are everywhere and they are no-longer simply products on shelves. Brands have become places and experiences. Even brands that were developed as products such as Apple see one of their key communication channels as the high street interacting with customers face to face. In comparison to more mainstream retail outlets such as supermarkets e.g. Tesco or apparel retail such as Top Shop, this idea of the ‘place’ as a brand is really in its formative stage in fuel retailing in fact the filling station format has changed little since the 1960s.

Our client is based in Dubai and in some ways the development of their retail offer has followed the rapid and incredible development of the Emirates as a leading global destination. Brand Dubai is truly cosmopolitan and has partly based its development on tapping into many varied cultures and offering the highest quality environments and experiences. Our clients’ brand does the same by offering a wide range of products and services that meets the needs of a diverse community.

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