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Woqod is a major new energy provider from Qatar Fuel, set up by the government of Qatar to distribute all of Qatar’s fuel needs. Circle created the corporate and retail brand for this ambitious new company.

The identity was designed to capture the spirit of modern Qatar and is inspired by the flower of the indigenous sidra tree – a brilliant burst of energy and colour in the harsh climate of Qatar. The brief for the retail brand was to be ‘best-in-class’ – the new company was seen as a flag bearer for the ambitions of Qatar both regionally and internationally – so Circle designed an ambitious state-of-the art service station featuring a complete range of vehicle services.

Designed and implemented to the highest international standards, the new Woqod retail network also features the Sidra brand – a fully stocked convenience store that offers customers a premium, friendly and refreshing shopping experience.

Woqod now has a clearly defined reputation in Qatar that will help ensure the profitability of its network as it continues to expand over the coming years.


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