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Freshplus is the third generation of convenience store designed by Circle for UAE fuel retailer Emarat. Created to provide fresh food and groceries in strategic locations throughout the UAE, Freshplus is a stand-alone brand that now has a presence in shopping centres and residential blocks throughout the region. The stores are designed and fitted to offer shoppers a lively shopping experience focused on convenience and ease. With the inclusion of the new in-store brands Café Arabicca and Bakeria, customers now have a range of choices – grabbing a lunchtime snack, picking up the essentials for preparing a family meal, or relaxing with a coffee and pastry. The brand’s success can be seen in the proliferation of Freshplus sites and the rush among investors to sign up to franchise the brand.

Café Arabicca

Designing a distinctive new retail format for a leading coffee brand.

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A new retail identity celebrating a buzzy, urban environment with strong appeal to international customers a long way from home.

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A state of the art vehicle maintenance brand.

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